The Newhouse Family

I’d like to use this page to talk a little more about my family – after all, family is extremely important.

Blogger in Bedfordshire

My lovely wife Hazel writes a parenting blog about our family life.

On her blog you can read about all the exciting things we do as a family, like day trips, arts and crafts and funny observations.

Art, Photography and Music

Sam Newhouse is a London based artist. You can see his work over here.

Keith Newhouse is a professional photographer, and runs photography website Photoplatform.

Sally Newhouse helps to develop marketing materials for bands and musicians. You can see her work on and on her Youtube channel.

If you’re looking for great amateur or professional camera insurance, then I recommend – you can find their website here.

Game Design

I am working with Rob Newhouse to produce a downloadable fantasy board game. It’s slow progress, because we’re always so busy, but you can track our progress in the games section of this website.

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