How Well do you know Google, the Search Engine Giant?

There’s plenty to read out there around cracking Google’s algorithm, and plenty written about battling your way to the top of SERPs, but how much do SEO’s really know about Google?

Any decision that Google make in regards to adapting their algorithm has a profound effect on their business. Their customers are the both the end user (searcher) and the businesses who rely on Google paid search to maintain internet based leads.

When Google make a drastic change to the way their search engine feeds back information to the end user, the revenue generated through paid search is affected. And therefore, Google’s net worth as a business is also affected.

Google have in recent times made moves to diversify their revenue streams with heavy investment in mobile operating systems (Android), Artificial Intelligence (drones, cars) and computer hardware (Chromebook). Google have even secured a licence to run a bank.

To give you more of an idea about the business side of Google, online binary trading platform, anyoption have kindly put together an infographic that details the ins and outs of Google’s financial history- there is plenty more Google-related financial news on their blog.

An infographic detailing the financial progression of search engine, Google.

With the advent of new and exciting products like Google Glass and the Self Driving Google Car, our favourite search engine are already making good progress to gaining the top spot as the most profitable company within the Unites States.

Do you think Google can do it? What do you think the next steps in Google’s financial evolution are? How do you think all of Google’s investments tie together to shape the modern world?

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